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24 is the number of hours a day has.

Q is the symbol that represents the number of products offered in microeconomics and the charge symbol in physics.

7 is the number of days in a week.

24Q7 is the seat number of the favorite event our founder assisted. Zone 24, Row Q, Seat 7. Club Atlético Boca Juniors vs. Club Sportivo Cienciano in Cusco, Peru, in Abril 4th, 2007.


24Q7 is a technology company specialized in the Live Entertainment Ticketing Industry. Its mission is to distribute all available event ticket in the market throughout any selling platforms.

Every year there are millions of events that are taking place, that their tickets are sold thought thousand of ticketing companies.  It is a highly fragmented industry.

Our objective is to connect all the Primary Platforms with the Secondary Market, including Marketplaces and OTAs.

Imagine acquiring the ticket for your favorite event thought the OTA, where you already organized all your holidays.


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